Bringing Baby Home


Whether baby arrives home on the same day of delivery or after a brief stay in the hospital (probably due to birth outcomes); bringing baby home is a huge deal. It can be both exciting and overwhelming and most moms-to-be find themselves feeling both nervous and anxious about coming back home with their newborn, away from the watchful eyes of doctors and nurses. Feeling this way is perfectly normal, the good news is that it doesn’t last and will most likely wear off once you start spending time with and getting to know your newborn.                               

As overwhelming as bringing baby home might be, it helps to be prepared ahead of the day to help you stay on top of the situation and adequately care for your little one.

To help with that, we have put together this two-part article to better prepare you for the big homecoming and your journey to motherhood.

Here is part 1…


New moms fret over what to buy and what not to buy in preparation for their newborns. While they are a thousand and one things you could get for your newborn, these essentials are a must have to ensure a smooth and stress free transitioning for both you and baby. They include:

Clothing Essentials:

Short sleeve body suits

Long sleeve body suits




Sleeping Essentials:

A Crib

Crib mattress

Crib sheet

Blankets, swaddles, and wraps

Bathing Essentials:


Towels (hooded)

Face washers

Shampoo and body wash

Changing Essentials:

Changing Mat



Petroleum Jelly

Feeding Essentials:

Burp clothes


These are must-haves, if you have these, you are good to go. Get whatever else you would want to for your little one, as much as you can afford, but always remember they get big so fast and easily outgrow tiny wears.

Part two of this will be in our next blog, stay tuned…

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